Does your child love to read?

Are they succeeding in school?

Reading is a skill that impacts many aspects of our lives.


Developing literacy skills is an essential element to a child's development. This process sets the tone for their entire educational experience.


Reading  affects all aspects of one's life from reading the back of a cereal box, to obtaining a driver's license, to completing a job application.


First children must learn how to read then they are able to learn by reading.


 During the first years of your child's education they are taught how to read. After third grade your child is expected to use their reading skills to learn.


 If your child is struggling with reading, crying while reading, or trying to avoid reading, learning may become difficult for them.


Reading with Smiles helps turn those tears into smiles, and fosters a love of reading and learning. We use an individualized multi-sensory approach created for your child. We help your child's educational experience be positive. We give your child the skills necessary to read.