Does your child struggle with reading?
Do they cry when they try to read?

Are your children succeeding in school?

Reading is a skill that impacts many aspects of our lives. Developing literacy skills is an essestial element of reading. Reading is how we learn new things and it also helps in developing a positive self-image. Reading is a vital skill in today's society from passing a test, obtaining a driver's license, filling out a job application and writing a resume. It is important in many important aspects of one's life. A person who knows how to read can educate themselves in numerous areas of life if they wish. Non-readers often have low opinions of themselves and their capabilities. We live in a society which is abundant with all types of information and reading is key to access it. Often, children who struggle with reading refuse to read.

What we do

Reading with Smiles is a different approach for students who are struggling with reading. It offers the additional support outside of the classroom, in a tutoring fashion, but it is extremely individualized for each student. It is committed to providing elementary school children with the skills necessary to become confident readers without tears. We provide struggling readers with an individualized assessment and develop a plan which focuses on the learning style of each child. With encouragement, and a "thinking outside of the box" multi-sensory approach, children can develop a positive attitude toward reading and become intrinsically motivated to read. With the proper approach children can develop the confidence necessary to become successful in reading and all aspects of their lives.

Research states....

* Approximately 20% of all children in the United States experience difficulties in literacy.

* Children that are highly motivated to read will read three times more than their less motivated peers.

* It is possible to predict high school dropout on third grade reading performance.


Motivating readers

Reading with Smiles determines why your child is struggling with reading. We teach them the strategies necessary to foster a life long love of an important skill. Using a multi-sensory approach your child will be taught the skills necessary to read, while being motivated to read. Your child will meet with a qualified and experienced teacher for a minimum of two one-hour sessions each week. Lessons are individualized and multi-sensory. Children work individually and in groups. We find out why your child is refusing to read or crying while reading and we teach them how to read with smiles.

Summer Bridge

Summer is here and schools are out. This certainly has been a different year for education. Children, teachers and parents had to embark on a entirely different style of learning. 

Does your child refrain from reading? Do they cry when asked to read? Reading with Smiles makes reading fun. Building on reading skills during the summer encourage students to read and become more prepared for the new school year.

* Distance learning options available.

*Live lesson options available also.

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*...I've seen an increase in his self-esteem, and the development of a deep love of books and the library....." - Brookfield, CT

*...."he is reading at the expected level...has learned various strategies to increase his fluency..." - Brookfield, CT


" children have blossomed through a willingness to try alternative methods to enhance each student's learning..." - Oxford, CT


The Smile Behind Reading with Smiles

Alison Yager has always enjoyed reading and often offered assistance to those struggling with reading before obtaining a certification to teach from Alvernia College in Reading, PA. Prior to that Alison received a BA from WCSU in CT. Alison taught elementary school for ten years. She obtained a MA in Special Education from CCSU in CT. Alison has been teaching SPED for the last seven years. She has an out-of-the-box approach to learning and individualizes each lesson for EACH child, making learning fun.


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